Parent Scenario

As part of our work in developing GlowPlus, we have been envisaging various user scenarios. This is an imaginary parent scenario. Please feel free to make suggestions or observations about this scenario.

Parent Scenario

Ms A is the mother of 2 children. A daughter in Primary school (P4), and a son in Secondary (S3). She sits down to sign up to Glow after receiving an access code from the Secondary school. Having filled in her details, including the code, she has limited access to Glow. The first page she is presented with on logging in is a quick video overview of Glow. She is reassured how like other social media sites she uses is, and within minutes is confident enough to move on to the dedicated School Website for the Secondary school.

She checks her son's classes and finds out he has 3 homework tasks due that week. She clicks on them to find out what they are, downloads the handouts, and elects to have reminders sent to her mobile phone.

Next, she sees an invitation to join the school's PTA and receive automatic updates on fundraising activities. These can be sent to her phone or her email if she chooses.

Miss A looks at the school calendar and notes that all events involving her son have already been highlighted.

A few hours later, she receives an email and push notification that her ID has now been verified and authenticated. She logs into her Glow account and finds that her daughter in Primary school has automatically been added. In addition, she also now has access to her son's grades and comments left by his teacher. She is a bit concerned about one of his results, and is able to send a message to his subject teacher and guidance teacher to ask about extra support.

She clicks on her daughter’s primary school and, because her ID has already been verified, can see her daughter’s online “work wall”. This is a gallery of photographs of her daughter’s work that her daughter has posted to her portfolio. Miss A is really pleased to see her daughter’s blog and her report on a recent visit to a wildlife centre. She is really pleased to see that her daughter has been awarded the “Good Questions” and “Responsible Citizen” badges on the trip She would leave a comment on the blog, but she knows how embarrassed her daughter gets!

She sees that her daughter has a parent contact night in a fortnight and, by opening the appointment spreadsheet, is able to select an appointment just after 5pm.
She also spots a request from the teacher for some parent helpers and adds her name to the list for a forthcoming trip to the zoo. She will receive an automatic message in plenty of time if she is needed.

Before signing out of the primary school she takes the opportunity to check her daughter’s latest report card and leaves a comment for the teacher.
Later that evening Miss A is helping her son with his English homework. He is struggling to write an essay and so Miss A logs into Glow and “joins” him in the Glow word processor. Here, she is able to see what he is trying to say and can use the chat function to make suggestions. These are logged so the teacher can monitor how much support he required with the essay.

To her surprise, she also finds a Glow community of other parents who are talking about how best to support their children. She reads a few entries, but chooses not to join in this time. She does, however, add the forum to her Glow Bookmarks for future reference. Finally, Miss A uses some of the links that are generated in response to her son’s timetable to check the SQA Guidance on National 4 so that she can better understand what he needs to do in the coming year.

She logs off reassured at the work her children are doing, and happy that she will now be able to take a more active role in supporting and guiding them.

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Please note that this is a notepad for ideas. Nothing on this site should be seen as an indication of intent, or as a commitment to include, any specific service or facility. This is solely to allow us to invite education professionals, pupils and parents from around Scotland and further afield to make suggestions for what they would find most useful in GlowPlus.