Pupil Scenario(s)

As part of our work in developing GlowPlus, we have been envisaging various user scenarios. This is the first of these for an imaginary S2 pupil. Please feel free to make suggestions or observations about this scenario.

Scenario 1

Jill is an S2 pupil at a secondary school in Dundee. She has a smart phone of her own and the family has a shared Samsung tablet and a Dell laptop computer.
At school, Jill signs on to the school computer and is presented with a personalised Glow+ environment, which includes a range of services chosen by her teachers. She is working on a Celtic art project and she uses Google to research a range of art sites. She sketches out some designs on paper then uses the camera on her phone to photograph what she has done and uploads this using the school wifi to her personal Glow+ space. Her homework is to complete the design and write a short commentary on her ideas.
At home, she uses the family tablet to sign on to Glow+ and she then uses an artwork 'app' to process her photograph and to extend the work, add colour, etc. She finishes this and to complete the work she moves to her home laptop to type up her commentary. She uploads the finished work to Glow+ and sends a message to her art teacher that it is available for review. Her teacher looks at this in a free period before Jill's next art class using a school tablet and, in class, discusses the work with Jill. After the discussion, the teacher and Jill decide that the work should be shared and they publish it to the school web pages that show examples of students' work. In addition, the work is included in Jill's e-portfolio - her record of schoolwork from age 5 to 18.

Scenario 2

Seumas is an S4 pupil who is in a lively year group and sometimes finds it hard to concentrate in class. Many of his subject support materials and coursework deadlines are front loaded onto glow.
His mother takes a keen interest in his chemistry class and is keen to support him as she knows he sometimes has difficulty in this subject. She discovers she cannot give him the support he needs to get to grips with balancing equations and suggests he asks for support in this area during tomorrow's lesson.
Mrs Lavoisier notices a “hands up” icon in the class forum list. She makes a mental note to do a little support work in this area then quite quickly others in the class are indicating that they are having the same problem. However, very soon Paul another pupil member of the shared community from another school does his best to explain how he tackles these problems (earning a "helping hand" e-badge in the process) . They use applications such as Video conferencing, instant messaging as well as shared whiteboards to do this. A few move their status from red to green indicating they now understand this particular area. More time for the teacher to focus to focus on other areas and provide individual attention in order to assist pupils where they need it.

Scenario 3

Lewis is asked to demonstrate his understanding of the impact WW2 had on children growing up at that time. He interviews his great grand aunt asking her questions of what it was like.
The interview was recorded and the movie was easily transferred by dragging the file from his phone SD card and dropping it into his school YouTube account. Lewis is asked who he wants to share it with and selects his family and his social studies class.
Before he embeds the video into his blog he does some quick on-line editing to insert a few frames demonstrating some of the more salient points that transpire during the interview. His class provide comments on his work and his family enjoy the movie - though they were not provided with the rights to see or add to any of the comments. Lewis, after-all - like most teenagers is a little embarrassed of his family at times.

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Please note that this is a notepad for ideas. Nothing on this site should be seen as an indication of intent, or as a commitment to include, any specific service or facility. This is solely to allow us to invite education professionals, pupils and parents from around Scotland and further afield to make suggestions for what they would find most useful in GlowPlus.