Specific Tools

Are there any specific tools or services that we should be thinking about including in GlowPlus? Are there any that you have used successfully in the classroom or online?

Please take a minute to add your thoughts to this list.
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Blogging Engine
Primary/ Secondary
Wordpress (WP) is a beautifully easy blogging engine that - when installed with appropriate plugins - allows for easy creation and sharing of learning. It can also be used to maintain e-portfolios.
It is easy to use by learners of all ages.
One of the greatest strengths of WP is the ability to import and export content.
There is a limited WP install in the current iteration of Glow. Continuing to provide WP support would enable continuity for GlowPlus.
Google Apps for Education
An online 'Office Suite'
Primary/ Secondary
Google apps allows learners to easily create and share documents/presentations. It enables collaborative learning, and is available on a variety of devices.
Digital archive dedicated to Scottish culture and media
Primary/ Secondary
SCRAN is an excellent online resource for schools. It contains materials that can enhance and extend learning and the strong Scottish focus allows it to help learners find out more about who they are and where they come from.
Instant polls
Instant poll / quiz by text or URL

Wiki engine
Primary/ Secondary
Wikispaces is a simple to use, yet very powerful WIki engine. The ability to set up 'Projects' makes it an ideal tool for class groups to have their own 'private' working space within a whole class wiki.
They are also a fantastis means of sharing documents/media files and have the ability to embad external webpages such as Glogster.
Develop a Glow App
Access most/all functions from iOS or Android
Primary/ Secondary
This would make engaging with Glow so much more user-friendly & fun, encouraging better use. Imagine accessing Glow Groups functionality with something like the Edmodo app, or e-portfolios like the WP or FB apps. This is the way many young people are currently engaging with IT; wouldn't it make sense to provide them with a system that they are most likely to buy into?
Video discovery, search, playback, edit etc.

OpenSource survey tool with similar functionality to SurveyMonkey.

World's most popular opensource VLE as used by OpenUniversity, SQA Academy and many others.

Media Wiki
OpenSource wiki engine used to power Wikipedia.

Heriot watt resource


We cannot guarantee any of those suggested will be included, but it is important for us to get a sense of the possibilities. We are actively looking at making GlowPlus as functional and as easy to use as possible and your help in this is invaluable.
Thank you.


Please note that this is a notepad for ideas. Nothing on this site should be seen as an indication of intent, or as a commitment to include, any specific service or facility. This is solely to allow us to invite education professionals from around Scotland and further afield to make suggestions for what they would find most useful in GlowPlus.