Teacher Scenario(s)

As part of our work in developing GlowPlus, we have been envisaging various user scenarios. This is an imaginary teacher scenario and, for obvious reasons, is designed to be a scenario that uses Glow extensively. Please feel free to make suggestions or observations about how you would wish to use Glow.

Teacher Scenario 1

Secondary Teacher

Mr A is an English teacher working in a Scottish Secondary school. On his way to school, he receives a push notification on his iPhone that his S2 class have submitted their homework to GlowPlus. He uses the free wifi on the bus to log in and award badges to those who made the deadline. He also answers a question about the task that a pupil has left on the class GlowBlog.

Arriving at school, he logs into Glow on his school PC, checks his email, then signs up to a Curriculum Development session on "Scottish Writers and Literacy" being offered via Glow and iTunesU.

PERIOD 1: He is teaching his S3 class about World War 1 poetry and has based his lesson on some slides and handouts that were recommended and shared in the Glow English community. The class use their mobile phones to access Glow so they can view a follow up video on trench warfare from the History Department before using the Glow VLE to carry out a review session. The results of this are automatically added to the teacher's online grade book - and parents who have signed up receive an automatic notification of their child's performance.

PERIOD 2: His Higher class have been reading The Wasp Factory and are using the Glow Video Conferencing facility to participate in a question and answer session with the author, Iain Banks. This is being shared live, and also archived on Glow for future reference. The class are able to post questions during the session using a pre-arranged Twitter hashtag.

PERIOD 3: Preparation and marking. Mr A pulls up the submitted S2 Homework and uses Glow to annotate and leave audio comments on some of the essays before using the video chat facility to discuss a cross curricular lesson with a colleague in another part of the school.

PERIOD 4: His S2 class log in to Glow on their own phones or iPads or Android tablets. Mr A distributes school tablets to those who need them. They go to the dedicated support materials for Inanimate Alice where they find that they are to work on storyboarding an Episode of the story in their home town. They use their Glow ID to access SCRAN to source suitable media to bring their work to life. During the lesson, Mr A uses an app on his iPad to record the screens he is using and these are then uploaded to Glow so the class can review them on the class blog later.

Lunchtime: Mr A drinks coffee and chats to his colleagues.

PERIOD 5: Mr A's S4 class have just finished reading Cory Doctorow's Little Brother which they have been able to download for free. They use the ebook version to select evidence for their class wiki on the novel. Many have been working on this at home using their own devices. They are using the instant messaging facility in Glow to allow them to discuss page edits and share relevant quotations and links as they go. They are also posting their thinking to their GlowBlogs so that they can comment on each others work. One pupil is over the moon because the author has left a comment on her blog.
As he walks the classroom, Mr A uses his mobile phone to project the wiki onto the wall of the class highlighting good work and making suggestions as the class progresses.

PERIOD 6: Mr A's S1 class are booked into the library for a research project. They log into Glow using a school PC or their own laptop, tablet, or phone, and find their task for the lesson waiting for them. They are to research Shakespeare's Globe Theatre and then present their findings on Glow. One of the class has found a new online presentation tool that the school network has blocked by default. Mr A logs in and unblocks the site and asks the learner to share the strengths of this new find. He also embeds the learner's work in the class blog for future reference. The class ends with the learners able to log in at home and carry on their homework where they left off in class.

HOME: Mr A checks his GlowMail on the way home and takes time to sign up for a CPD session on Behaviour Management that is available through the CPD Community on Glow. He gets home and finishes commenting/annotating the S2 essays then uses some of the resources provided through Glow to prepare his lesson for the next day.

Teacher Scenario 2

Joanne has spent several days planning how she is going to support her ASN pupils with their basic literacy. There are many creative ideas using real life situations and external partnerships to provide the basis for her pupils to develop very important life skills. When she submits her plans to glow she hesitates while hovering over the “publish to all GLOW teachers” button. After listening to several talks on the benefits of sharing she says to herself “what the heck” and publishes her work.
Over the the next few days and weeks Joanne receives several messages of thanks and positive feedback for sharing her efforts.

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Please note that this is a notepad for ideas. Nothing on this site should be seen as an indication of intent, or as a commitment to include, any specific service or facility. This is solely to allow us to invite education professionals, pupils and parents from around Scotland and further afield to make suggestions for what they would find most useful in GlowPlus.